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We Keep Your Commissions Coming With
The Best Delivery On The Market .


The #1 reason referrals cancel their autoresponder is poor delivery and most autoresponders are failing miserably in this area.

At Market Hero we brought on the head of delivery from Aweber and have the strictest cleanest mailing in the industry. We will even help your big referals improve and maintain their delivery so they continue to pay and you keep getting commissions for years.

We Keep Your Commissions Coming With
The Best E-Com Integrations, Digital
Tracking and Features Online .

Market Hero has BY FAR the best Shopify/E-Com integrations online and the best digital tracking of any autoresponder ever. See our home page HERE for details.

That being said, our software is designed to heavily integrate with your referrals business BUT also get them serious results they cannot get anywhere else....The result, extremely long term commissions for you due to the pain of canceling and unheard of results/data.


We Provide With Proven High Converting
Sales Campaigns To Convert Your
Customers To Trials .


Sending people straight to the home page of any software is dumb. We want you to have mega conversions so we provide with our 8x 2.0 Offer + $1,006 in bonuses for your referrals when they sign up,

Best of all you can send your referals to our super optimized landing pages that proven to convert customers into trials and close those trials at extremely high rates.

In fact if your referral is currently involved in email marketing you can expect conversions of nearly 50% when they join Market Hero.

We Constantly Make You More Money By
Upgrading YOUR Referrals .

About 20% of referrals you send will be capable of becoming $200-$1,000 per month clients and net you HUGE commissions per referally for LIFE.

Knowing that, our support teams goal with new users is to find out who can upgrade and then do everything in our power to make sure they love the software and upgrade their accounts to the highest possible level.

We are constantly making sure you get the most out of your referrals


We Heavily Reward Our Best Affiliates .


All affiliate start at the base 30% commission. However if you can send us great users and lots of them we can increase percentage all the way up to 35%.

Also every year at HeroCON our top JVs will be honored and invited to the private after events.

Send a message to our JV manager if you think you can send more than 100 customers a year and we can discuss increasing your commissions!

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